Omoni Oboli Joins us on IG Live. Sat. 21st at 1pm Est

On the 21st of November, we will be broadcasting live on our Instagram page at juliana.richards at 1 PM New York Time. We are honored to host our lovely, intelligent guest, Omoni Oboli. She is an acclaimed Nigerian actress, digital filmmaker, scriptwriter, film director, and producer. Mrs. Omoni Oboli is an actress and associate producer in the recent featured Netflix movie Oloture. She will share the journey of producing this intriguing educative film and the sex trafficking pandemic plaguing various African countries.

Oloture depicts an undercover journalist acting as a prostitute to infiltrate and expose the human sex trafficking mafia operating in Nigeria. The film highlights different plights such as poverty that drives many women into desperate situations and end up being tricked into believing there are better opportunities and a greener pasture in Europe.

It highlights the kind of abuse, mental, physical, and emotional abuse these women go through in the hands of their traffickers and also in the hands of their "customers." Join us as we talk about this and how we should make things right for these women as African countries and put an end to this atrocity.

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