Jules Talks With Peter Thomas About Threesomes, His Marriage To Cynthia, Next Seasons RHOA, And More

Jules sat down to interview Peter Thomas, of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and Peter let us in on his true feelings towards his marriage with Cynthia, and the drama between Kandi and Porsha. Juliana started off the interview with what Peter called " A very interesting question". She asked him "Who is Peter?" Peter thought for a second and said he is who you see on T.V. his life and personality is the same. He went on to explain that he can't help it, because his whole life and marriage was played out on T.V. but it wasn't what he thought it would be in the end.

Peter kept it real and said that his marriage didn't feel like a marriage anymore. He says that he couldn't wake up in his own home without people being in it. There was always either cast and crew, a glam squad, assistants, or family members in the house. Peter says he's actually much happier waking up in his two bedroom apartment in Charlotte, because it's empty, and he can walk around naked if he wants to. He told Jules he hasn't walked around naked during his whole marriage to Cynthia.

Peter broke it down and told Juliana that Cynthia keeps walls up and her security comes from financial security. She loves the feeling of knowing that she doesn't have to ask anyone for anything. Cynthia's independence is what drew Peter to Cynthia, but the money you make on the show is addicting according to Peter. After a while you're making $1.5 million per season and in-between that you're living your life in a way that gets you an invitation to come back next season. Peter said that his marriage was feeling more like a business, so he and Cynthia decided maybe they were better off as business partners.

When Jules asked Peter how he deals with untruthful blogs and social media gossip about him and Cynthia, he says that he actually tries not to pay any attention to what's said in the media. He also said that people usually tell him what the latest rumors are.

Peter did honestly say that he doesn't like 'Media Take Out' he feels like they just make stuff up and write about it......we ain't saying nothing though........

Moving on.....

Peter said one of the factors that really got in the way was the rumors that Porsha and Phaedra started about Peter. Frick and Frack have been saying that Peter cheats with the waitstaff at his bar and 19-year-old girls. Cynthia knew that those rumors weren't true, but Peter said what bothered her was being looked at in the streets like she was stupid. She felt people thought she was dumb for staying with Peter, although she knew the ladies were lying.

That sounds heavy...what do you think? Should Cynthia have held on longer and been stronger?

Peter mentions that she wasn't strong enough to handle it, but he wished that she was. Peter says Cynthia doesn't have a healthy view of relationships, because she saw her parents get a divorce at like 4, or 5-years-old.

The two also gets into some juicy details about the show. Peter talks briefly about Todd's mom and how much he liked her as a person. He also served us some tea and told us that only himself and Nene's husband Greg, attended the funeral. None of the wives were there....interesting. Well, Jules is trying to get to the bottom of the rumors about Phaedra not returning, so she definitely asked Peter about it to get some clarity. Peter doesn't know for sure, but he says he doesn't think anyone will be kicked off. he thinks the producers are actually afraid to let anyone go that's been on for years, because of the season 10 craze.

He think's the OG cast members such as Nene ad Kim should come back to the show and he said he's happy Sheree is back too cause the money helped her finish her house....Ha!....all jokes aside though he kept it real and said a house that big in that neighborhood cost a lot of money. When you're making half a mill, then all of a sudden you're not, you notice the difference.

Now, you know Jules had to talk about Nigeria real quick. She asked Peter if he's ever done an ancestry DNA test and Peter said that he did!

Jules shared the results on the show, but Peter found out that he's 93% African, and ya'll know he's Nigerian, so check out the video to see the percentage. Peter received his new Nigerian name and tribe. Juliana says he's from the Yoruba tribe and his new name is 'Ademola!' The name means when 'royalty meets wealth' and he says that the name is definitely Peter!

They started talking a little patois and was really having some fun! Jules also told Peter that they need to go to Nigeria together, but before they do that Juliana has plans to go to Peter's bar Sports One. Peter's not stopping there though he says he and Jules are hitting up Bar One afterwards as well to turn up!!!

Sounds like a great night!

Catch the video to get even more tea!

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