Kenya Moore Shares The Truth About The Real House Wives Of Atlanta On Jules Uncut | Episode 4

Yesssssss! Leave it to Juliana Richards to have perfect timing with her guest on Jules Uncut. This week Juliana interviews Kenya Moore, one of the stars from Real Housewives Of Atlanta, and the Governess of Moore Manor. The RHOA season 9 just wrapped part 1 of the season 9 reunion, that aired this past Sunday. There was a lot of drama that went down this season, and according to the previews there's even more to come for the reunion. Can you believe that for the first time it doesn't involve Kenya?! She's just as pleased to sit back and sip her tea as well, although she did have a little bit of drama of her own.

Sheree came back this season, and Kenya is known best for her playful side on the show, but it isn't always received so well by all the ladies. Kenya and Sheree were both finishing their beautiful homes around the same time, and since they're neighbors it turned into a friendly competition. Well one jab led to another, and then the jokes weren't so funny anymore. During the interview Kenya told Jules that the negative side of her gets highlighted more than anything. She also went on to say that things [the show] can get quite tough when you're put into situations with people that you don't talk with often. For example being on vacation for 5 days with women you wouldn't usually travel with can be a sticky situation.

Jules asked Kenya if there were any ladies in the cast that she was actually friends with? Kenya mentions that her and Cynthia are actually close in real life and that she's started to become really close with Kandi as well. Kenya says pretty much everyone is cool with her except for a few. She didn't point any fingers, but we're going with the obvious choice of Porsha and Phaedra.

Kenya was actually a guest on the show before the reunion aired, so of course she couldn't say much, but she did share her thoughts on Phaedra. Juliana told Kenya how relieved we all were to see her and Phaedra FINALLY getting along. It was wonderful, and then all of a sudden it just fell apart. Jules asked Kenya what really happened with that? Kenya says that she honestly believed Phaedra was over their problems, but obviously she wasn't. To her, that means they were never genuinely friends in the first place.

Kenya seems to be more focused on other things in her life, such as her business. She started off the interview by telling Juliana that she's been in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. This was of course after Jules asked for the rundown of her wrap sheet. Kenya started off as a model and became Miss USA shortly afterwards. Being Miss USA opened the door to Kenya's acting career. Since then Kenya has been featured in movies such as "Deliver Us From Eva", and famous shows such as "Martin", "The Jaime Foxx Show", "The Steve Harvey Show", and Robert Townsend's hit show, "The Parent 'Hood", and that's just naming a small few. Kenya is now growing her brand Kenya Moore Hair Care, which we feel can be trusted, because her natural hair is gorgeous! Her hair care products are now being sold in retail stores in the U.S. and she's working on expanding. London and Africa are next on her list for sales.

And of course Jules asked her about her Nigerian experiences. Kenya said she's been to Nigeria for work twice and that's it. Jules got right down to it and asked about her African boyfriend that everyone kept talking about. Kenya Admitted that she did date a guy from Nigeria, but the distance wasn't working. She also quickly cleared up the fact that he was not an oil tycoon, nor was he an African Prince, because some of the ladies wouldn't let that go as well. Kenya made sure she cleared her name up once and for all by stating that her African ex boyfriend wasn't married. At all. Kenya said "I don't date married men, nor do I break up homes" if he ain't available then she can't get with it.

Jules ended the interview by doing Kenya's Nigerian Ancestry DNA, you know Jules welcomes everyone into the family with a tribe and new Nigerian name. Juliana knew that Kenya would be from the Uroba tribe, because the women are strong and confident. Kenya was then gifted with the Nigerian name "Kemi" Kenya proudly accepted her new Nigerian name. She says from now on her name is Kenya Kemi Moore! And when she goes back to Nigeria she will be known as Kemi.

Enjoy The Interview Here And Look for Kenya Moore Hair Care Products in a store near you!

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