Musiq Soulchild Speaks Nigerian Pidgin English On Jules Uncut Episode 3

On this week's episode of Jules Uncut, Juliana Richards interviews the amazing Musiq Soulchild. This man has given us so many iconic hits such as ‘Love’, ‘Don't Change’, and ‘Who Knows’ just to name a few. Musiq has done an incredible job teaching us how to love in the past, but today he's come with a new message for us. Along with his thoughts on going to Africa in the future, but before we get there we’ll start with his new work.

Musiq has recently released a hot new single called ‘Simple’ from his new album, due to be released this June.

When Juliana asked him for a little insight on the beautiful new song, he had a lot to say. “ I don't want to get too deep” Says Musiq after explaining his intentions. In his own words this song is about finding the simple things in a person to highlight and love. Juliana and Musiq did have a deep discussion about today's generation, rather Musiq was trying to, or not.

Being knowledgeable is just in this man's nature. He told Jules, that we are definitely living in a society where young people need to gain a new perspective on life. It's not all about looks and likes.

The goal is for people to get back to focusing on what's real, instead of focusing on things without a purpose. Musiq went on to say that he wasn't judging anyone, because a lot of this generation only knows social media.

Musiq told Juliana that “We can't get mad, if we don't do something to offset it” and that's why he made this song. Wow! This dude has a lot of wisdom. Speaking of which, not only did Jules check to see when Musiq was going to Nigeria, she also gave him a new name! She named him Uche, which means wisdom in the Nigerian Igbo tribe. A named well deserved for Musiq Soulchild. Juliana also taught him a little Nigerian slang to take with him when he finally gets to Nigeria. Listen to it all right here. Enjoy!

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