Angie Stone Talks About Her Visit To Nigeria On Jules Uncut | Episode 2

On this episode of Jules Uncut, Angie Stone gave us all some good advice on kicking addictions and bad habits. Angie sat down with host, Juliana Richards, and they had a sister to sister talk about relationships.

The start of the discussion was Angie's latest single “2 Bad Habits” which is about her own personal experiences with love. Angie felt comfortable enough to open up to Juliana during the interview “ I fall hard” Angie said to Jules as they talked about conquering loves bad habits. “2 Bad Habits” is so relatable. Angie admits to Juliana that she has had her ups and downs with love and relationships. That truth was an inspirational moment for women everywhere. Who would have ever known that someone like Angie Stone could have the same man troubles as everyone else?

Angie sets the record straight, by reminding us that you can overcome loves downfalls and repeating the same ol mistakes. This conversation led Jules and Angie to talk about picking up on no good habits.

The type of habits that we may have all seen a little too often, and are now played out and tired. Angie mentions the most typical bad habits women see in the men they're dating. She called out those moments when a man is trying his hardest to hide his screen while he's texting, or when he gets up to leave the room whenever his phone rings (and you know it's not a business call). Those are red flags ladies. According to Miss Angie you have to process these actions and allow yourselves to see the truth. Jules and Angie moved on to talk about positive love lives and wanting to get married.

Juliana is from Nigeria, so of course she had to ask Angie about her Nigerian experience. Angie tells Jules that she's been to Nigeria a few times and loved it. She also felt “at home” during her first trip to Africa. Beforehand Angie admits that she didn't know what to expect. Juliana and

Angie shared thoughts on how African Americans feel as if they won't be accepted by Africans. Juliana sets the record straight by expressing how open minded Nigerians can be. These two ladies had such a good time talking about life, love, international experiences, and more

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