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Yara Shahidi Gets Blackish Spinoff “College-ish”

Yara Shahidi, who plays the cute and stylish older sister on Blackish is getting her very own spinoff, College-ish! We’re excited, because Yara who is also an activist has a big voice in the younger African American community. Herself along with other young women such as Amandla Steinberg, and Zendaya, are all wonderful examples of the type of ladies we’d like to see our younger generation of girls become. The show seems like it’s going to have the same vibe as ‘A Different World’ The spinoff of ‘The Cosby Show’ which was a game changer, because that was the first time in television history that African American children we’re seen going to college.

College-ish ( the name is still being worked on) is going to be based off of Yara’s character, Zoe, who will be going to college in the fall of 2018. Deon Cole, who plays Charlie on Black-ish will be joining Yara. Charlie is a friend to the Johnson family and works with Zoe’s dad, Dre at the marketing firm. Charlie will be moonlighting as an adjunct marketing professor on the show. The shows main focus is to zone in on today’s issues with society and to give children in college today a voice to be heard. Everything from what’s popping in the culture to what’s not will be featured on this show.

Who’s watching?! As fans of A Different World we feel it’s definitely worth a shot!

What are your thoughts on this spinoff?! Comment below!




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