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WTF?! Why Does Briana Have Beef With Angela Simmons?!

After watching the first two episodes of Growing Up Hip Hop we see that Briana, who’s ex-stepmother is Mary J. Blige is trying to have static with Angela Simmons. For what we don’t know. This is what everyone else is trying to figure out too. She told Kristinia that she just doesn’t like her. The rest of the cast is actually cool with Briana, so this sudden amount of tension between the two is very interesting.

As the season continues we that the fact that Briana doesn’t have a parent in hip hop will be addressed. Briana’s dad is Kendu Issac’s, which we all know as Mary J. Blige’s ex-husband, or soon to be ex-husband. Briana joined the cast while the two were still married. Thing is no one is sure if Briana is even close with her family, because she said that they don’t even speak.

Well, someone must be feeling some sort of way about Briana’s place within the cast. She’s clearly been asked why she’s there, because she doesn’t even have a parent in hip hop. That pissed her off, because we all saw the clip of her yelling “So what if I don’t have a parent in hip hop” but isn’t that the whole point of the show?

What do ya’ll think?


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