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Warriors Beat The Cavs In Finals First Game

Last nights game between the Warriors and the Cavaliers was an intense one. The Cleveland Cavs got smacked unfortunately for their fans. The Cavs had 91 to the Warriors 113. Last year we saw the Cavs take the finals by beating The Gold State Warriors. Golden State fans were really looking forward to seeing Steph Curry take home the championship. The Warriors also has Kevin Durant now, so people are feeling like there’s no reason why they shouldn’t win this years finals.

Last nights game was highly anticipated and celebrities like Jay Z, Kevin Hart, and Rihanna were there. Some people are even saying that Kevin Durant purposely locked eyes with Rihanna after taking a shot. We’re still looking into that one though. This is an exciting time to be watching the NBA everyone’s on the edge of their seat to see who’s taking it all home this year.

Game 2 is this Sunday at 8pm on abc, who are you routing for?!

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