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Tiny Sits Down With Jules To Talk The Family Hustle, Divorcing T.I., The Xscape Reunion And More!

Jules sits down with Tameka “Tiny” Harris as they discuss The Family Hustles last season, divorcing T.I., Xscape, and future business ventures. Tiny never really left the music game as she was always writing for celebrities. She’s written some pretty iconic songs including TLC’s “No Scrubs” which actually gave her a credit this year on Ed Sheerans hit song ” Shape Of You” which is a huge accomplishment. Tiny has also been working with her oldest child Zonnique to enhance her music career.

Niq Niq has a new album out right now called “Love Jones” so check that out! Juliana asked Tiny about the sadness of The Family Hustle going off the air. The show wrapped up it’s last season in May and we’re still not convinced that these two are through with each other. Jules even joked and said the Lord said they’d be back together next week! Man we sure hope so. Wouldn’t be great if they were faking the divorce as a way to end the show, but in real life they were still secretly together?!

We can only dream ha ha….

When Jules asked Tiny if any of the children are sad the show is over she said that King was a little sad surprisingly. Any other time he had plans during shooting and wanted to be everywhere else, but after the final episode taped it hit him like “awwww it’s over” of course Major doesn’t care ha ha. He’s such an old soul. Tiny says Major loves being alone and he’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen, even if it means sitting on the steps. Tiny even says that he was in her room alone one time and she came in to grab something and he left as soon as she walked in like “You know I like to be alone” what a mess! He’s soooooo funny!

Besides being a mom Tiny has been focusing on her career and a few business ventures. She’s working on opening up a juice bar that will up and running soon and Xscape is back together.  The girls are getting ready to perform at the Essence Festival this July in New Orleans. After that, the ladies plan to go on tour. Tiny says she hopes that this tour will be a success and that they’ll stay together as a group. Tiny mentioned that someone told her that when she got back with her group, that it was a disaster and they ended up worse off. She said she wasn’t saying any names, but it was only 2 people in the group….did y’all catch that tea?! We think she could be talking about Salt-N-Pepa, who did just recently get back together.

Juliana asked Tiny if they’ll be making new music, but Tiny says nah, they’re just going to stick with their fan favorites. Tiny says the main reason is, because people don’t support music the same way now, as they did back in the day. Today people don’t have to pay to listen to music. Whole entire albums can be heard for free, plus she said they’re still hoping that their style of music is still popular.

Tiny joked and said that in music everything is strippers and poles, and they sing about love, but no one is interested in love. At this point she hopes Xscape can give the game what it’s been missing with their classic love hits. That’s not a bad idea. People need to be more open to the idea of falling in love and finding someone to love. Speaking of love…..y’all know Jules asked what’s up with T.I.! Tiny goes in and tells Juliana what’s really been up with them.

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