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Things Get Crazy When All Else Fails On LHHATL

The girls trip to Jamaica went really well, until Mimi got a phone call that sent her home early. Everyone’s vibe is a on a much more positive level, since Dime and Tammy made up. Now, Rasheeda and Tammy are trying to see if Dime and Tommie can finally get along.


Tammy and Rasheeda got Tommie and Dime together for a sit down. It didn’t go to well though. At first the ladies were real cool, calm, and collected. Tommie was saying where she was coming from, and mentioned she was in a place where anybody could “get this work”


That was the wrong thing for Dime to hear, because it clearly rubbed her the wrong way. She wasn’t having it and told Tommie that she’d draw blood out of her. Tommie told Dime that she has her number as the producers carried her away.




We were hoping these two would finally hit it off.


Rasheeda took her family on a camping trip, so she can have a getaway without Kirk involved. Thing is, Kirk was already there and waiting. He saw his lawyer about the baby drama and drew up some paperwork. He wants to make sure that if sh-t goes down, Rasheeda is taken care of either way. Kirk told his lawyer that Rasheeda can everything if the situation goes south.


Rasheeda excused the kids as her and Kirk talked, but her mom stayed. Kirk wasn’t too happy about that and got mad, because he feels he can never talk to Rasheeda one on one.



Is Rasheeda’s mom too involved?


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