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Did Tamar Shade Tiny On Instagram?!

Tamar Braxton posted a filtered picture of herself on Instagram looking like a cute baby bunny rabbit. She captioned it saying that she wish that she had a baby girl, followed by a sad face emoji. We know, that doesn’t sound shady as at all. Here’s where it gets tricky though. Tiny’s momma, Mrs. Cottle, A.K.A Mama Cottle felt some type of way and decided to respond to Tamar’s post.

#Tiny's mom had time today 😩 #TamarBraxton The tea today chile 💅🏽

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After people left a few comments coming for Tamar, that proved that they only knew one side of the story. We guess Tamar had enough and decided to clap back.

Like #TamarBraxton said, she has some time today 👀 #TinyHarris

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This all started once Tamar unfriended Monica and Toya Wright after appearing on The Real since she was fired. This whole thing led to her unfollowing Tiny as well.


What do ya’ll think? Was Tamar being shady in this moment, or was she just  sticking up for herself?

And were Monica and Toya wrong for being on The Real after they were shady to Tamar and hurt her feelings? Or we’re they just getting money?!

Comment below! And tell us which celebrity you’d like to see Jules interview next!


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