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T.I. Attends Meeks Mills Birthday Party With Girlfriend Bernice Burgos

Meek Mills has been celebrating his 30th birthday for a full week and continued to do so at a bar in Queens, NY called Aces. T.I. and Meek are friends, so of course he decided to go out and celebrate Meeks birthday. Thing is, T.I. has been spotted out, with a woman most people are calling his side chick. Tiny was on Wendy Williams and confirmed that Bernice and T.I. started dating after she filed for divorce. There’s the tea on that. We know Bernice isn’t a side chick, but their relationship was meant to be private initially.

A source says that T.I. really likes Bernice and is starting to have feelings for her, because of that he just doesn’t feel right hiding anymore. There were also stories going around saying that Tiny was furious with T.I.’s appearance with Bernice. During Tiny’s interview she also mentioned that the only thing that bothers her about their relationship is that it’s public. She feels Bernice should stay out of the public as T.I.’s girlfriend, because they’re technically still married.

What do you ya’ll think?!

Should T.I. and Bernice be out in public? Or should they be keeping it low?



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