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Is Stevie J. Really Dating An Instagram Model?

Stevie J. and Joseline does a really great job at keeping us guessing. We all thought they were over for life, until Bonnie Bella was born. We also saw them cuddled up and kissing at parties recently. Joseline even shared a post insinuating that Stevie wanted another baby. We were even told that the two of them are living together. Is this the reason why Mimi got the restraining order?

Well…..now, we really don’t know much of anything right now. We’re doing to do some more research on this story to see where it goes.

Today Stevie made and shared a post for Instagram using this pic and another of Estelita.

All we really know about this girl is that she’s an IG model named Estelita Quintero A.K.A “The Panamanian Goddess” Stevie is her manager, but we couldn’t find any of her music, so we’re assuming she’s a model.

Does Stevie manage models now too??????

We’re just asking these questions, because the last time Stevie was someones “manager” it was Joseline, and, well, you know how that goes.

What do you guys think? Is this Stevie’s new boo?!



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