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Shekinah Gives Details On Her Domestic Dispute

Remember when Shekinah shared that picture of her bruised and swollen face on Instagram? Yes, the one that she took down. Well, Shekinah has spoken out since then and she’s giving us all the tea on what really happened, and what’s been going on. This past Monday Shekinah went live on Instagram (which automatically gets deleted) and explained her situation with her boyfriend and what actually went down.

Surprisingly it’s not exactly what we all think. Shekinah does admit that it was an abusive relationship, but she also took acceptance in what her wrongs we’re as well. Shekinah goes on to explain that they were involved in a total of three domestic disputes including the third and final one that she shared the results of last week. The first incident was actually started by Shekinah. She admitted to hitting him over something that he accused her of.

Shekinah said she “popped” him and she knew she was wrong for that. The second incident involved the young man “mushing” Shekinah in the face before her appearance on ‘The Real’, and the third was last week when it clearly looks like he did more than just “mush” her.

Sheinkah says that she is no longer involved in that relationship.

Domestic violence is never OK on both sides. It’s always just best for people to use their words and keep their hands to themselves………..unless they want hands!

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