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Secret Tea From The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion

Things have been brewing with the cast of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, for a while now. The heat has mainly been between Kandi and Phaedra . The two old friends called a quits last season. The tensions were stirring since the beginning of Phaedra’s divorce with Apollo, who is still locked away. Things got even uglier once money, and business got involved. Maybe Kandi will be done doing favors for people. She presented opportunities to former castmate Kim, along with Porsha, and Phaedra for her workout DVD.

In this last season, which just ended, things got uglier than ever. Nasty lies were told that could be very damaging to a person’s image. Phaedra and Porsha, also known as Frick and Frack started a few awful rumors about Kandi. This was more than just simply throwing some shade. These kinds of rumors will blow your wig off, snatch your edges, and get you locked up behind bars. No one truly knows why the duo started these rumors, but they chose to put it out there.

Porsha believes it was payback, because Kandi mentioned Porsha while talking about her daughter’s father with Sheree. Kandi’s mention of Porsha was light, because she only said they used to “kick it” and that was all. Porsha took it as bedroom gossip and didn’t react too well to it. This doesn’t seem like too much of a reason to spread rumors and lies that could destroy a person, but I digress. Phaedra did start the drama by claiming that Kandi has a sexual relationship with Porsha’s best friend, and Porsha didn’t deny it. She only added to it, by saying that Kandi and Todd are pretty much swingers, with a sex dungeon, that they use to store people that they drug for sexual fun.

That’s deep!

The season finale ends with Kandi and Phaedra not being on good terms. The tension between the two is based off of Apollo’s girlfriend showing up to Kandi and Todd’s new family restaurant “The Old Lady Gang”. What made matters worse is Kandi finding out that Phaedra helped her former employee file a lawsuit against here. Neither one of them seemed too phased at the end of their last talk about the Apollo situation and the lawsuit.

I guess they’re both just over it and done, but it doesn’t end there. Has anyone else peeped all the tea that’s about to be spilled during this reunion? This week some sort of bomb will be dropped that literally clears the whole entire stage. It seems like Kandi’s done being nice and came with a piping hot kettle of tea, and she brought enough for everyone. Now, we’re not too sure if Kandi is the one serving everyone, but we do know that she knows Phaedra better than any of the other girls.

Whatever the tea is, it had everyone running behind stage in a fit of shock. Tears were shed and it looked like Porsha was heartbroken. Is this the end of Frick and Frack? And what the hell did Phaedra do?! Well, for the exclusive tea, tune into Jules Uncut this week. Jules interviews Kenya Moore, and you know Kenya either stays with a pot of tea, or a cup to catch it! So we know she has something for us. Stay tuned!


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