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Rihanna Spotted Shooting A New Music Video

Rihanna was spotted doing a shoot a few days ago, and now we’re trying to figure out what it’s for. Someone took to Twitter after seeing Rihanna doing what looked like a video shoot in L.A. this past Tuesday.

We’re thinking if it is a video then it could be for ‘Loyalty’, which would explain being in L.A. ‘Loyalty’ is the latest single from Kendrick Lamar’s hot new album ‘DAMN’ or it could be any number of things. Rihanna’s song ‘Love On The Brain’ is still pretty popular and her navy is expecting more visuals from the ‘Anti’ album. L.A. is also a popular place to shoot amazing music videos, so it could be that. We know Rihanna has about 12 other business deals going on, so it could be something we’re not even expecting.

This spotting could have easily been an advertising shoot for Puma, one of her fragrances, Dior, the ‘Anti’ remixes album, or the new Matrix spin-off that we heard Ri was apart of.

Who knows!

Shoutouts to whoever Corylynn Lais is, because at least we know something is definitely on it’s way and we’re ready!

Do guys think she was shooting a video? If so do you think it’s for Loyalty? or Love On The Brain?

Comment below and let us know your thoughts!


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