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Rihanna Drops New Creeper Sandals

We’re all still in love with Rihanna’s Creeper line with Puma. She’s had her partnership deal with Puma for quite some time now and has dropped sneakers and sandals so far. Ya’ll remember those fuzzy slides she released last year right? They were amazing and almost everyone had a pair. Well now the new Fenty Bow Creepers have been released and are in stores and being sold everywhere. These shoes are sandals as well and can be worn during this season and possible well into summer too.

The shoes comes in a variety of three colors and you can lace them up your calf and tie them. The lace gives these shoes the ability to be styled in a number of ways. That was smart designing, but of course coming from someone who knows how to style her behind off.

We’ve checked out the prices and peeped that these shoes are going for about $170-$200 it all comes down to where you’re buying them from. The Fenty Bow Creepers are actually less expensive than the creeper sneakers and the fuzzy slides.

What do ya’ll think of the new Fenty Bow Creepers? Do you absolutely hate them? Or would you wear them?

We would! But let us know what you think!


Whitney Marquise Acoff is a NYC entertainment writer, fashion editor, and stylist among having other creative talents as well.

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