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Rihanna Addresses Fan About Being “Thickanna”

Everyone is still talking about Rihanna’s recent weight gain. She is a little thicker than usual these days, but we do remember that Rihanna has been making gaining weight around this time a theme. Rihanna goes back to Barbados to celebrate Carnival and she’s been getting thick for the costumes. If we think about it, every time Rihanna shares pics of herself in one of those costumes she’s always about 20 lbs heavier than we usually see her.

Right now it’s about 30lbs, but she still looks really good. In fact she just looks like a woman with a body that we’re all used to seeing in real life. Seeing Rihanna in real life makes women appreciate the fact that Rihanna embraces her body with more weight on it, and actually likes herself that way. Skinny Rihanna is clearly just made for albums, tours, and high fashion. Thickanna is our homegirl that we’ve grown up with and we’re happy to see her back.

The name was formed in 2013 when we saw that first pick of Rihanna in one of her gorgeous Carnival costumes. She was thick as hell and you someone asked about it. Jokingly she coined the name “Thickanna” and the rest has been history.

How do y’all feel about Thickanna?! Should she stay?!

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