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RHOA Season 9 Reunion Part 1: Recap And Rumors

The Real Housewives Of Atalanta reunion show started yesterday, and we were all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what would pop off. Of course, the tea wasn’t spilled all at once. There was just enough time to give us a little taste. Part 1 of the reunion didn’t get into the sex dungeon scandal just yet, but we did re-live the Chateau Sheree VS. Moore Manor drama and the divorce party situation. Sheree and Kenya may not be enemies, but the back and forth was pretty entertaining, especially with all of Kenya’s petty, yet clever euphemisms for Chateau Sheree.

Andy Cohen gave Sheree the floor to clear up the rumors of her not staying in her home. Sheree said that she is definitely staying at her house and that Kenya should mind her business.

Andy also let Kenya and Phaedra hash out their issues. The two of them made such a surprising turn around this season. We thought the heavens had opened up and all was forgiven. Seeing Kenya and Phaedra in Flint this season was really beautiful. That was an emotional episode at the camp, with the children, and it had such a positive ending for the two of them. Everyone had an “awwwwwwww’ moment, and we thought all of the ladies would be friends again.

That didn’t last too long though, because Phaedra and Kenya are at it….again.

Phaedra feels as if the beef started up once more, because her and Kenya weren’t cool enough for Kenya to invite her to a divorce party. It also seems that Phaedra really isn’t over the whole Kenya texting Apollo situation either, although we thought they prayed about it and moved on. Well, we guess people have the right to change their minds. What do ya’ll think? Is Phaedra shady for the switch up?!, Or does she have a point?

To wrap this up, we love sharing the tea here at Jules Uncut, but we like to address the rumors as well. Right now, there is a big one! Sources are saying that the shocker of the reunion is that Todd reveals Porsha and Apollo’s secret love affair. Apparently in an attempt to stick up for Kandi, Todd tells everyone that Porsha and Apollo had sex right before he went to jail. Well, we know that Porsha co-host Dish Nation and her co-worker Gary With The Tea definitely asked her what was up with all of that? Because that part of the reunion had not aired, and there’s no way to know. Porsha says from her own mouth that this is not true at all. Todd never mentions Porsha and Apollo having sex on the reunion, and that must be a story people are telling to get ratings. Part 2 of the RHOA airs this Sunday at 8Pm and we will be talking about it!


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