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Remy Ma Throws Shade At Nicki Minaj On ‘Hip Hop Squares’

Remy Ma was a guest on Hip Hop Squares this past Monday April 10th. Remy has been making a lot of appearances since her heated rap battle with Nicki Minaj. Remy was featured on Fox’s hit show ‘Empire’ during their mid-season come back. When we saw Remy on ‘Hip Hop Squares’ it wasn’t a surprise, but the shade she threw was. We weren’t expecting her appearance on the show to be so juicy. Remy was asked to finish the lyrics to one of Nicki’s top charting songs, ‘Anaconda’ now, the viewers at home and Nicki fans everywhere knew the answer, but Remy struggled with it a little.

The lyric chosen to complete was “P–sy put his ass to sleep,…” Remy was clearly in the mood to be petty, so she took advantage of the opportunity. Her response was “ You know what? I’m kind of thinking that she would have said something about her butt, because that’s always, like every other two bars”

Wow! Shots fired!

Vivica A. Fox and Lil Duval both laughed and yelled “Shade!” but is she right?

Whether it’s a true statement, or not, Remy did try to clean it up. She went on to say “The name of the song is ‘Anaconda’. You have to talk about your assets! Where’s the anaconda gonna go?” Remy is quite the character, because she even went on to say “I’m actually a big Nicki Minaj fan, and I know all of her lyrics” then she completed the lyrics with “ Now I’m eating some tacos” Ha! Remy is too funny! She knew damn well, those weren’t the lyrics.

We’re not choosing sides, but that was definitely a hilarious moment. We all know the lyrics to the hit song, and the next line is “ Now he’s calling me Nyquil”. Our question is this, which one of the producers set Remy up with that question? Whoever it was ain’t right! But it sure was entertaining.


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