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Reasons Why Dutchess Ain’t Getting Half Of Ceaser’s Empire

Dutchess is really serious about coming for Ceaser’s money on Black Ink. She’s been put under the influence of thinking that she’s entitled to half of what Ceaser owns. We watched her have a meeting with her lawyer a few episodes ago. During that meeting Dutchess told her lawyer that she’s been the one paying all of Ceaser’s bills at Black Ink. We never saw if Dutchess lawyer asked if paying his bills was a gift, or an investment, but we did see her tell Dutchess that she may be entitled to parts.

Dutchess also received some advice from a friend in last weeks episode. Her homegirl encouraged her to go for what’s hers, and so did her sister actually.  Anyways, Dutchess is definitely going for it, because she sends Ceaser an edible arrangement with a court order. Dutchess is funny, because she told Cease congrats on THEIR shop…..HA! Wow, we wish that someone would be honest with her, because for starters….

  1. She ain’t married to Cease
  2. Paying someone’s bills don’t mean you own what’s theirs
  3. And this whole thing is looking a little crazy


What do ya’ll think? Do you feel for Dutchess? Or is she doing waaaaaaay too much?!


Whitney Marquise Acoff is a NYC entertainment writer, fashion editor, and stylist among having other creative talents as well.

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