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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 9 Reunion Part 2 Recap

Part 2 of the most dramatic reunion in RHOA history aired last night. We know most people thought this would be the one with all the tea spilt, but it was not. It’s cool though, because our cups were still filled a few times throughout the night. Andy spoke to the ladies of the show about Phaedra and her divorce with Apollo, Kenya and Matt’s relationship, and Sheree and Bob’s marriage.

Kicking things off with Phaedra and Apollo, the ladies recapped the situation with Phaedra and Apollo’s divorce, which seems to be in question. Is it final, or isn’t it? Porsha slipped up and told the ladies that the divorce was final. In another episode Phaedrea confirmed by telling Cynthia that it is final as well. Here’s where things get tricky, Apollo told everyone at the Old Lady Gang’s family and friends event that they were not divorced. Hmmmmm?

Phaedra brought her receipts to prove that she is divorced from Apollo. She handed Andy her divorce decree that states she’s been divorced since June of 2016. Well, Kandi shot that down and said Apollo has filed several appeals sense then. We guess the answer to their divorce is still up in the air. Looks like that hasn’t stopped Phaedra from having some fun of her own though. Andy showed a clip of his show ‘Watch What Happens Live’ when Shamar Moore was a guest with Phaedra. Shamar was shown nibbling on Phaedra’s neck and they seemed to have both enjoyed it. Looks like Shamar thought Phaedra was real tasty, so we’re wondering if he went back for seconds. Phaedra says they’re just talking for now, but we don’t know…they seemed pretty hot and heavy to us. We’re keeping our eye on that story.

Andy moved on to Kenya and Matt, and talked about their relationship, which seemed troubling to everyone this season. Kenya’s ex-boyfriend Matt was seen vandalizing Kenya’s home on multiple occasions this season. Matt’s actions made Kenya’s family, friends, and fans of the show worried for her well-being. Kenya and Matt are no longer together. She says she has moved on and is currently dating someone. Kenya also apologized to all the young women who watched the show. Her message to everyone is to make sure you leave early when you see signs of abuse in your relationship.

Speaking of abuse, we found out that Kenya and Sheree has more in common than just a zip code. The two ladies seem to have had similar situations in their relationships. It was revealed this season that Sheree was involved in an abusive relationship with her ex-husband Bob Whitfield. Everyone was rooting for Bob to get out of the dog house until we saw a new side of him. No one had any idea that Bob was abusive to Sheree for years, until he joked about it this season. Sheree was extremely emotional during the part 2 reunion, and admitted that the show revealed her secret history of abuse with Bob. She doesn’t know if her children knows, but she plans on taking to them about it.

We here at Jules Uncut wish Kenya and Sheree nothing but the best and are proud of their strength and are happy to see that they’re OK!

Make sure you all tune into part 3 of the reunion next Monday, and let us know who you’d like to see Jules interview next! Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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