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Real Housewives Of New York Episode 9 Recap

Dorinda celebrated her birthday in last weeks episode of The Real Housewives Of New York, with a little staycation. The idea was cute, and smart. She hosted a party for herself at her country house right outside of the city. While dinner was cooking some of the girls just went ahead and decided to talk about Luann. It’s only two weeks until her wedding day, and the girls are worried about the situation with Tom. Ramona is stilled concerned about Luann married him after she caught Tom making out with a woman while on their Bermuda trip.

Ramona knows what it’s like to be the last to know that your man has been stepping out on you, so she wants to save Luann that trouble. None of the ladies think Tom is going to change, because he’s known for “getting around” and other things. Carol’s Concern is that Luann may be having doubts about going through with the marriage, and Bethenny thinks he’s a notorious philanderer!

Jeez! Are any of these ladies going to speak up and say something to their girl Luann? Would you tell your friend that the guy she’s about to marry is shady?

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