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Rashida Jones Channels Porsha Williams For Her New Role

Rashida Jones played a reality TV star for her new role and she decided to draw inspiration from RHOA’s Porsha Williams. On this weeks episode of ‘Blackish’ Rashida Jones played “Santamonica” a reality TV star and sister to “Bow” her performance on the show was amazing. “Santamonica” comes to town for a visit and she’s not quite the person Bow expected her to become, but she learns that she has to accept her sister for who she is, because she’s her own person.

We feel that most people with siblings can relate to that message. This episode probably really hit home for a few people. Rashida said that when she accepted the role, she thought about Porsha Williams. She mentioned that she’s a fan of the show and she likes Porsha, she finds her to be charming.

Wow! That’s pretty cool!

We wonder how Porsha feels about that?! We’ll do some looking around to see if she’s made a statement since Rashida has spoken out about it. We think she’d be honored, because come on… it’s Rashida Jones! Anyways what do you guys think about Rashida’s choice?

Is she crazy for liking Porsha with all the drama going on? Or does it not matter, because it’s a nice moment for Porsha?

Comment below! And let us know who you’d like to see Jules interview next!


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