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Rahmati Gets Ready To Have Her Baby With Jermaine Jackson II

The Shahs Of Sunset kicked off it’s new season, and a lot has definitely changed. Old relationships have ended and new ones have definitely began. The thing that concerned everyone most was hearing about the cast trip to Israel that may not have ended well. As we continue watching this season we’ll know more about the situation, but we’ve definitely heard that the cast was detained while vacationing there.

On a more happy and exciting note Rahmati is glowing as her pregnancy continues on the show. She and her long time boyfriend, Jermaine Jackson Jr. are expecting their first baby together. This relationship developed while the old season was airing, but it was kept under wraps  for obvious reason. We know the Jacksons are a high profile family and can be very private….sometimes.

Rahmati is preparing herself for her delivery and it’s been so amazing to watch her go through this journey so far.

Who else was surprised to hear about her pregnancy?!


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