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Phaedra Hires A Bodyguard After Receiving Threats Over The RHOA Lies

Phaedra has been receiving some threatening hate mail lately. Looks like people aren’t too happy with her behavior from this past season of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Atlanta residents, who are on Kandi’s side want to try to have Phaedra disbarred as a lawyer. That can’t really happen at this point, because she technically hasn’t committed a crime. If Kandi is able to take her to court for slander, libel, and deformation of character, then Phaedra could possibly be disbarred.

There’s a little more to it than that though. People are sending Phaedra dirty underwear, dead flowers, and even feces…..yuck! She should definitely be taking these “gifts” seriously and she is, which is why she’s hired a bodyguard. A source said Phaedra hasn’t left her house in a while. She goes to work and things like that, but she’d been skipping events to stay safe. She feels she’s being threatened and her most important concern is keeping her family safe.


We’re wishing Phaedra and her family the best, and here’s hoping that they stay safe!

Are people going a little too far with this whole thing?! What do ya’ll think?!

And tell us which celebrity you guys want to see Jules interview next!


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