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Peter Spills The Whole Tea On His Fight With Kenya’s Ex Boyfriend Matt

Peter spilled all the details on his fight with Kenya Moore’s ex-boyfriend Matt. We’ve witnessed Matt endure hostile behaviors on the show while dating Kenya. We’ve even seen him turn up on the men before for no apparent reason. When the husbands of the show met Matt for the first time he wanted them to meet him outside, because he didn’t like that they were asking him questions. Since then we’ve seen Matt vandalize Kenya’s home and destroy her property.

We guess Matt found the wrong one to mess with when he came for Peter, because Peter wasn’t having it!

Matt hit up Peter in the past to ask him about how compensation works for the show. Peter said he explained to Matt that the husbands and boyfriends don’t get paid, but of course if you’re married some of the money goes to the joint accounts, or the wife breaks the husband off with a little something. He then encouraged Matt to talk to Kenya about where they stand on that.

Matt, then decided to tweet Kenya and say that’s why Peter helped him pull a fast one on her. Peter got upset his name was mentioned and responded to basically say he doesn’t have anything to do with their situation and to keep his name out of it. That made Matt furious of course and he started an internet war with Peter.

Both Peter and Matt we’re asked to do a radio interview in Charlotte, NC, because of their public beef. Charlotte is where Peter has been spending most of his time, so it was nothing for him. Peter decided to show up and Matt drove all the way from Atlanta the same day. He couldn’t wait to get there either, Peter said he was texting him threats the whole time. He came through the door hostile off the bat, according to Peter. During a recent interview Peter gave the whole play by play of how the actual physical altercation started. Matt had a fit and threw a water bottle at Peter, after that Peter said Matt was just mad, because Kenya put her hand up his a$$ and he got nothing from it. Here’s what happened next:

“He Charged me! And the whole time he was coming at me, I had a box cutter in my pocket. And Matt’s like 6’5 and 250lbs…..he’s like 33/35 and I’m 56…I don’t wanna fight this n-gga! F-ck I’m doing fighting?!”

Peter went on to say…

“That Brooklyn sh-t came outta me….that Jamaican sh-t came outta me quick! I had that n-gga in a neck hold and the boxcutter to his face! When he saw it he panicked like a b-tch!”

Peter also mentions that video has not been released, because Matt doesn’t want anyone seeing him kicking and screaming in Peter’s headlock.

Well, is that what he gets? Does Matt need to calm down and have a seat?! We wanna know what ya’ll think!

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