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Niq Niq Fires Tiny And Ms. Deb Tries To Reunite Bow Wow With His Father

The latest episode of Growing Up Hip Hop ATL picked up exactly where it left off. Toya, Ms Deb, and Tiny were discussing the situation with Brandon and Reginae. Toya’s telling Deb that Brandon was put of pocket, Ms. Deb agrees, but she’s also telling Toya that Reginae was as well. At this point everyone in the cast also feels that both Brandon and Reginae were disrespectful to each other, and both had some low blows. The moms didn’t agree on anything, but there’s definitely no drama. They agreed to disagree and hugged it out, because they don’t play the disrespect game.

Speaking of disrespect, Bow Wow feels his dad has been out of line for a very long time. Now to add fuel to the flame, he’s been speaking out on social media about being Bow’s father, and Bow ain’t feeling the situation. He decides to talk to his mom and she says he needs to forgive, move on, and leave his father in the past. Bow doesn’t think the forgiveness part will be doable at all. Ms. Deb decides to step in, because she knew his father a while ago. She helped him get through a tough time, and she explained all of this to Bow. She then encouraged him to meet with his dad even if it’s to say I hate you.

That’s exactly what Ayana did with Brandon. Brandon and Amy went on their date and now Brandon feels he can see where Amy is going with Ayana, and it’s nowhere. Brandon told Amy that she turned Ayana out, and now she’s more invested in Amy than Amy is in her. Ayana and Amy met up to discuss the date with Brandon and Amy told Ayana that the whole conversation made her uncomfortable, so she doesn’t know if she can commit to meeting Ayana’s father. Well, now Ayana is pissed off at Brandon, and met up to tell him that if Amy changes her mind then she’s going to knock him out.

The show ends with Niq Niq in a very scary situation. She’s about to fire her mom. She tells Tiny that she’s going to allow Ms Deb to manager her, and that she’s going to free herself musically from her and T.I., because she has to do this on her own. Tiny took the news like a champ, but told Niq Niq that she was going to need her one way, or another, because Ms. Deb is a tough manager and doesn’t play any games!

Is Ms. Deb a better manager for Niq Niq at this stage in her career?


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