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New Updates On Carmelo And La La’s Split!

La La Anthony was recently spotted out and about, and not wearing her wedding ring. This is just a few days after the announcement of her split with Carmelo Anthony. Their seven year marriage breakup was announced right after Easter weekend. The two have not spoken up yet, but allegations of what happened are running wild. First we heard that Carmelo knocked up some stripper and got her pregnant, and that’s why he and La La are ending their marriage. Now, there seems to be some sort of correction made. It’s being said that Carmelo did cheat, but with a 24-year-old graduate student at Northwestern University named Mia Angel Burks.

Of course we don’t know Mia, but being a graduate student doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not a stripper as well. Again, we don’t know Mia, but we’re just saying. Mia graduated with a Masters Degree in health and communication last year. Sources say that she’s pregnant, but no one knows for sure if the baby is Carmelo’s…well…correction they know, they’re just not telling us. We respect it though. The same source says that the two have been dating since last summer, and that Carmelo plans on taking care of Mia at this time. We think the fact that he’s taking care of her says it all. What do you all think? Would Carmelo be taking care of this woman if he felt the baby wasn’t his? Comment below and give us your thoughts!

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