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New Series ‘Invite Only Cabo’ Starring Celebrity Stylist Larry Sims

Celebrity stylist Larry Sims has a successful career filled with A-list celebrities such as Tracee Ellis Ross, Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige and more. He’s a hard working man who started in the entertainment industry as a choreographer and was even in a boy band for a little a while. It seems like being a stylist is his calling, because everyone in the industry knows his name. With hard work comes the ability to climb the ladder, but you have less time to play.

Larry hasn’t taken a vacation in forever, so he’s decided to go on one, and he’s taking his friends too! Larry has a diverse group of friends and he’s never brought them all together before. This trip to Cabo would be the first time that all of Larry’s closest friends would be meeting each other. The whole situation is definitely some Real World/Jersey Shore mixture of greatness, because this show definitely looks like it’ll actually be worth watching.

Who’s tuning in? We are! So we’ll be around for the updates!

But for now, does it sound like it’s worth watching? What do you think?


Whitney Marquise Acoff is a NYC entertainment writer, fashion editor, and stylist among having other creative talents as well.

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