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Ms. Tina Talks Finding Your Love And Purpose At Any Age

Journalist and New York Times best-selling author Janet Mock, is getting the very own podcast coming soon! Janet does a great job at bringing out the best in people during her interviews. People really open up to Janet and feel very comfortable with her. We’re excited to tune, because we’ve heard that she’s going to have an amazing guest list for her show. The show first guest is Ms. Tina Knowles, and she talks a lot about empowering older women.

“I Tired to stay as in the background as I could, and be there for them always, and I’m still there for them. But I decided that, you know, at 59 years old, it’s my time. And that’s not to be in the limelight so to speak, but just that I have a voice. I had no idea that through the years, people were watching me too. I just thought I was kind of like in the background and invisible and I just didn’t think I had much of a presence “


Says Ms. Tina as she was talking to Janet. That’s crazy she feels that way, because we’ve been watching Mama Tina since Beyonce hit the scene. You can’t help, but see Beyonce and wonder who’s her mama?! Plus Ms Tina became extremely interesting when we found out that she was responsible for the girls hair and costumes.

Ms. Tina stay inspiring us when she divorced her ex-husband, lost mad weight, and then found herself a new a man! Ms Tina she her new husband are out here living life!

Ms. Tina also mentioned this.

“Now I don’t have that fear and I realize that I can help people, especially older women, because whenI decided at 58 years old that I had to file for divorce, I was devastated. I was so scared, I felt like my life was not over, because I had my children, I had my church, all the good things I had in my life. But as far as meeting someone else again, I just was like, where am I gonna meet somebody at my age?I thought that part of life was one. so now I just want to share that, that part of your life don’t have to be over. You can still have a great life. I’m that example for people and I love it. Nothing makes me happier than for a woman to come up to me saying I started exercising and I lost weight and I got a new man, and you know, I get chills thinking about it, it’s my purpose, I feel like I found my purpose.”

In love! Don’t ya’ll just love her?! She’s not just inspiring older women, were over here inspired as well. Thank you Ms Tina!

What do ya’ll think about her new take on love and life?! And who’s tuning into Janet’s new show?!

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