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Man Arrested For Trespassing In Rihanna’s Apartment

A man was arrested this past Tuesday after being caught trespassing in Rihanna’s New York City apartment building. Ri has a condo in the building and has been the subject of stalkers affections for quite some time now. This guy in particular was arrested, because he was there before and was escorted out. The same man arrested also commented on Rihanna’s Facebook pages saying “Why isn’t she with me?” Ummmmmmm OK?! And now he’s at her house? No Thank you.

Authorities never mentioned Rihanna’s name during the arrest, but she’s being extra careful about this one. Rihanna has had her home broken into before in the past, so she most likely knows how to handle this. In 2014 a man was arrested for stalking her at her SoHo apartment, in 2013 a man accidentally broke into her neighbors home thinking that it was hers, and months later a man broke into her actual home. The incidents are most likely the reason why Rihanna moved into her New York condo in the first place. Jeez! Can’t a girl breathe!

What do ya’ll think?! Should Rihanna move yet again?! Or should she continue holding down at her current condo?


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