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Ludacris And Vanessa Hudgins Host 2017 Billboard Awards

The Billboard Awards will be airing on Sunday May 21st and this year’s host includes Ludacris, who is hosting for the fourth year in a row, and Vanessa Hudgins. Vanessa is a newbie to the Billboard Awards hosting scene, but given her background we think she can handle it. They couldn’t picked a better choice for this years host. Luda has new music out, and of course he’s in the latest Fast and The Furious film.  He’s really popular right now, but everyone also love Luda and we’re glad to see him hosting another year.

Vanessa is currently starring in the new comedy crisis, ‘Powerless’, about….powerless superheroes. She’s also been  starring in a few roles on stage as well. After ‘High School Musical’ Vanessa went on to do other memorable roles such as playing her character in ‘Beauty’ a modern day beauty and the beast love story. Before ‘Powerless’ aired in February of this year she was doing theatre and stage work.

This year’s nominees at the 2017 Billboard Awards includes Drake, The Chainsmokers, Beyonce, Rihanna, The Weekend, and so much more! This might be a good show! Tune in on May 21st and we’ll pick this conversation back up after it’s over.

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