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Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part 2

We got word that Joseline Hernandez has officially quit Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. She said that she is Love and Hip Hop and that she’s getting ready to become a movie star, and has some movies lined up right now that she’ll be in. She left the studio after making that clear to Stevie, and the producers. Stevie says that he believes Joseline has matured after giving birth to Bonnie Bella. Mimi and Ariane are saying otherwise.

Mimi disclosed the fact that Joseline called child protective services on her, and social workers came to her house for an investigation. Stevie opened up and said that they came to his house as well to do an investigation, which included a searching their homes. Their daughter Eva, of course had to be involved in the drama. That’s the true reason why Mimi doesn’t want Joseline anywhere near their daughter. She believes Joseline has no ceiling with the bullshit.

They talked about the Jamaica trip and how everything went well. Jessica showed her ring, while saying that Shaun had his proposal planned out the whole time, and was grateful to everyone for keeping it a secret for so long. Karlie admitted that her and Joc had a little “fun” of their own one of those nights. They didn’t say what happened exactly, but knowing these two, we’re sure some adult activity was in play.

Momma D and Ernest are back in the same house and trying to work things out. Scrappy was asked how he feels about hearing the sexual details of his mom and Ernest relationship. Momma D interjected and said that Scrappy needs to understand that she ain’t dead, and she’s still a well oiled machine. Scrappy on the other hand admitted that he’s lonely, and his bed is quite cold at night.

KK did a video chat with the cast, because she couldn’t join everyone in person. She put Tommie on blast as a liar and a snake. Tommie was hurt and upset. After going back and forth with KK she left the stage crying. KK knows Tommie pretty well, so everyone is kind of looking at Tommie a little crazy now.

Kirk’s paternity test results were not mentioned….at all. Matter of fact no one even mentioned if he took the damn thing, or not.

Are you mad that they left us hanging on the result?!


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