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Love And Hip Hop ATL Season 6 Reunion Part 1

The reunion started off with everyone being on stage, except for a a couple of cast mates. Nina hosted as usual, and told everyone that Joseline refused to come out of her dressing room once she got in there. Before she even got to the dressing room her and Stevie had an altercation outside. Mimi sat on stage shaking her head with a “what else is new” look on her face. The show had to start, so everyone was introduced and the drama began.

Lovely Mimi turned up early when Jessica Dime mentioned that she wasn’t a fan of Mimi’s. That’s when Mimi decided to ask Dime if she had a problem with her. Dime said if she had an issue she would have been fought Mimi a long time ago. She did however admit that she thinks Mimi is loud, obnoxious, and talks too much. Mimi got lit at showed out, security had to pick her up and carry her off the set, because she was too wild.

Speaking of almost getting kicked off the set, Moriah and Treasure were at the reunion. Moriah almost got kicked off the set entirely for not shutting up when Nina was trying to talk to Scooter and Sierra. Treasure was also told to pipe down from Nina as well. We see Nina was cracking that whip and playing no games.

Tommie spilled major tea when we found out she snatched Ceaser away from Karlie! Karlie and Ceaser were dating this season, but Tommie said forget that. Her moves with Joc didn’t work out the way she thought it would, but she scored with Ceaser. Tommie had a lot of fun rubbing it in, but Karlie told her remember who was there first!

When it finally came down to discussing Kirk and Rasheeda, Kirk still had nothing to say. Meanwhile poor Rasheeda is pouring her emotions out on stage. She is so broken by what Kirk has done, and we still don’t know if he’s the father yet!

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