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La La Opens Up About Her Split With Carmelo Anthony

La La Anthony’s split with long time husband and best friend Carmelo Anthony has been pretty public sense the beginning. We know La La to be a woman that doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing her life, but in this situation she’s being very cautious of how she handles things. La La, an actress who got her start hosting and interviewing in the entertainment industry knows all about living in the public eye. She was re-introduced to television with a marriage special documenting her wedding for T.V.

When it comes to her divorce certain things are off limits. La La sat down with Extra and did a quick interview with AJ Calloway, where she decided to share a little of the details. She says that her Kiyan has been asking why the photographers have been around so much lately.

“I tell him, well it’s getting hot outside and they’re trying to get summer fashions for the magazine, I try to make it fun for him so he doesn’t see it as a negative.”

Says La La, who also said Kiyans response was ” But I’m wearing a sweatsuit?!” Ha! Smart kid!

When asked how the news was broken to Kiyan La La say.

“We explained it in a way that works for a 10-year-old.”


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