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Is Kim Porsha’s New Best Friend?!

Frack might be officially kicked to the curb ya’ll! A source has said that Kim and Porsha have been hanging out a lot lately.

“They are filming together and producers are eager to create a new ‘Frick and Frack'”


Says the source, but we’re not sure if we’re buying this, or if it’ll last. We know Porsha likes a good buddy system while she’s on the show, first it was NeNe, then Phaedra, and now its Kim?! It’s cool to have support and someone you feel you can lean on, but how well does Porsha and Kim even know each other?!

We’re really wondering how Kandi feels about Kim and Porsha hanging out so closely all of a sudden. Kim and Kandi aren’t beefing, but they still aren’t friends after that ‘Tardy For The Party” drama either. They never spoke about, but that doesn’t mean that they still can’t. Now that Porsha’s in Kim’s corner will this cause more tension for Porsha and Kandi?!

Kandi hasn’t really said how’s she’s feeling about Porsha right about now, but after all the rape rumors we think Porsha wants to make things right with Kandi, even they don’t end up being friends in the end.

What do ya’ll think about this sudden friendship between Porsha and Kim?!

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