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Kim Kardashian Releases Beach Pictures To Promote Natural Bodies But We’re Not Buying It!

We don’t come for people here at Jules Uncut. We don’t want no problems with nobody, HOWEVER, we will be quick to call a spade a spade. Ratings for Keeping Up With The Kardashians have been dropping. We’re guessing because people are over the Kardashian craze. Plastic surgeries, photoshopping, and unnatural body images, are all things associated with the Kardashian family. The Kardashian clan tells a different story and usually denies any allegations of physically altering their bodies.

In all honesty what this family does to their body is really no ones business. The problem is when you promote certain body images to women, and make them think that they’re real when in-fact they are not. Women for years have fought hard to explain to young women with body image issues, and eating disorders, that most celebrity and model photos are photoshopped. This truth was exposed to help women keep themselves safe and to promote self love and positive body images.

Kim and her whole family are filled with beautiful women, and how they obtained their looks today is fine by us. It’s just that when Kim released photos of herself at the beach showing off her cellulite we just weren’t buying it. A source says that Kim’s goal was to promote natural body images. We get it…it’s just that it may be a little too late to ride that wave. Yes, women naturally have cellulite and NO, they should not care. This is a message that we stand by, but is Kim Kardashian the one to deliver it?

This situation reminds us of when Khloe did revenge body. The show was a wonderful concept, but was Khloe the right person for the job? Should these women be the voice for natural

We need to hear ya’ll thoughts on this! Comment below and lets discuss this one!


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