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Kendra On Top New Season Premiere

Kendra On Top season 6 has finally started! There were talks about this season not happening for a while, but the first episode aired June 29th. We got to see that this season the show is taking a different spin on things. These are much happier times for her, and her adorable family. The Hank drama is finally over, and it seems like she’s got her parenting skills down packed. When it comes to her own mother, that seems to be where Kendra’s going to have a problem.

This first episode doesn’t show us what’s going to happen with her mom just yet, but we know something’s about to go down. Kendra and Hank really seemed happy this episode, so maybe the whole season will stay this way without too much drama. Kendra is a riot, and she definitely reminded us of that this episode, especially with that crazy laugh we all love. Hanks new job seems to be going well too, hopefully we’ll see more of how that works out for him.

Some people kind of want Hank and Kendra to have another baby this season…do ya’ll think it might happen?!


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