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Kendra Tells Her Mom To Keep Her Name Out Of Her Mouth

Poor Kendra, she hasn’t been able to catch a break these days. Although everyone is happy to see that her and Hank are working things out, she still has more mountains to climb. Kendra has been under the impression that her mom has been talking shit about her….STILL. She thinks her mom is trying to write a tell all book about the painful moments in Kendra’s life. Including the infidelity drama in her and Hanks marriage.

Kendra has forgiven Hank and is working on moving on, so the last thing she needs is her mom stirring the pot. She believes her mother has a nasty history of airing her dirty laundry in the streets. At this point Hank has had enough as well. Kendra sets up a therapy session for her and her mother, so that they can try to work things out. During the session Kendra had to openly tell her mom to her face “stop talking about me” the therapist created a safe  enough environment for Kendra to speak her mind.

She’s trying to get her life and relationships back on track, and she needs her mother to get onboard. No one wants drama with their mother, which is why Kendra is trying her very best. Sometimes she feels as if she’s the only one trying, which is adding to her frustrations when it comes to their relationship.

What did you think about Kendra’s therapy sessions with her mom?!


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