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Is Karen Being Truthful Or Is This The Grand Dame Sham?

The girls are still on vacation and things were still a little shaky after Karen and Charrisse’s fight. Giselle tried her hardest to bring these two together, especially since her and Monique made up. Karen knows that her and Charisse have been friends for too long.


She wasn’t here for letting a trip get in their way. That’s why she came to Charrisse’s room to make up.


It took these all of two seconds to make things right again. The girls then had pajama party to celebrate their togetherness, and have some fun. Although the main topic of discussion has been Karen’s move. Charrisse has been telling people that the Grand Dame is really grandly broke.


And the black Bill Gates ain’t got it like they say he does. Charrisse had a get together to debut her champagne room. During that time Karen decided to tell the girls that her family has moved to Great Falls. They were all shocked, because Karen is the main one that talks about never leaving Potomac.


Ashley wanted clarity, so she asked Karen how is she the Grand Dame if she doesn’t live in Potomac. That little situation got ugly quick!


Was Karen attacked by the ladies?


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