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Kandi’s Ex Employee Johnnie Tries To Put A Stop To Kandi’s Counter Suit For His Unpaid Wages Lawsuit

During season 9 of The Real House Wives Of Atlanta we’ve witnessed Phaedra help Kandi’s old employee Johnnie Winston III with information to file a suit against Kandi. Johnnie has worked for Kandi providing a variety of services including event planning, management, and production coordinating. Johnnie claims that he worked for Kandi and wasn’t even receiving minimum wage, for his services. He also claims that he worked over time for most of the projects he planned for Kandi, and hasn’t received pay for it.

We don’t know Johnnie, and we can’t say that he’s lying, but this does look a little fishy on his part. Why would you say OK to providing all of these services for someone and not even make minimum wage from it? If it is true then it only makes Johnnie look very stupid…. sorry, but not sorry. Moving on, Kandi decided to file a counter suit against Johnnies suit towards her. Her reasons are, because she feels what Johnnie said about her on the show was slanderous.

Since then, Kandi says she’s faced continuous humiliation, ridicule, hatred, contempt, injury, and impairment to her reputation, along with embarrassment.

Well damn!

Now that’s how you fight back in the courts. Kandi’s not a newbie when it comes to business, so she’s doing what she has to do. In the meantime, Johnnie has filed a claim saying that Kandi’s counter suit is out of sheer retaliation and he’s demanding that the judge put a stop to it. We’ll see how this plays out. As of now there’s nothing new that’s been released on this case….well, cases.

What do you think? Did Kandi really play Johnnie? Or is Johnnie playing himself?

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