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Kandi Burruss Talks RHOA Season 9, Reunion, Porsha, Phaedra, And Xscape Bio Pic

Kandi Burruss sits down with Juliana Richards for a quick interview on just about everything we needed and wanted to know. Miss Burruss rolled up looking amazing as she rocked a short sleek bob, with a part down the middle. She also wore a white top and bottom, with a multi colored kimono that made her look very appropriate for spring. Kandi came prepared in more ways than one! She looked good and was ready to serve tea! Kandi didn’t hold back during this interview, and we definitely appreciated that. We’ve got all the RHOA and Xscape tea for you right here!

The interview started off with a message from Kandi.

” Don’t be full of yourself, because you’ve accomplished something, because someone else can just pass right by you”

Hmmmmm, we wonder if that pertains to anybody in particular right now. She didn’t say, but she kept it positive and moved on to talk about her new music. Juliana asked Kandi about the excitement of Xscape getting back together. Kandi said she’s really excited that the girls were able to talk out their differences and make this work. The group split in the past due to irreconcilable  differences. We know that sounds like a divorce, but it is what it is.

We’re excited the girls worked it out as well, because we can’t wait to hear some new Xscape music. This was a group that always expressed so much emotion and everyone is looking forward to that again. When asked about her most recent studio work, Kandi says that due to her other many projects she hasn’t been in the studio lately. Her last studio project was with her daughter Riley. Her advice for up and coming musicians is to just constantly create and release music on social media.

Now, Jules made sure that she got to the tea as well. As soon as Juliana mentioned RHOA and Phaedra’s name Kandi immediately said that she’d NEVER talk to Phaedra again. Jules asked is she was sure, because maybe she’d change her mind….Kandi said NEVER.


That’s sad, because the two were super close for so long, but do you blame her? Kandi befriended both Phaedra and Porsha when they were the new girls on the show. Kandi is the type of person that usually becomes friends with the new girl, because she did the same for Kenya, Cynthia, and Kim Fields when she joined the show. Jules asked her what really went down that made her and Phaedra’s relationship fall apart? Kandi says she believes it had to do with Apollo going away…..but ya’ll can catch the rest of that tea in the interview.

Kandi also throws in that she feels Porsha’s beef started when she began inserting herself into Phaedra’s beef with her. Maybe that was her way of showing her loyalty to Phaedra? Who knows, but this interview gets juicy! Make sure you catch Kandi’s new Nigerian name and tribe too! You know Jules is the ancestry DNA Queen!

Enjoy the interview and tell us what you think about it below!


Whitney Marquise Acoff is a NYC entertainment writer, fashion editor, and stylist among having other creative talents as well.

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