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Kamani And Agu Finally Go On Their Date Then She Goes To The Hospital

The latest episode of Invite Only Cabo was really good. You get a chance to see how many levels of entertainment is involved here. It’s kind of like The Real World except everyone has this one friend in common. This week we got to see Agu try to clean things up and explain himself to Kamani. He asked her to lunch so that they could speak privately, because he had some things that he wants to say to her. Kamani agreed, so they went and had a cute time.

The two of them talked about the situation with Emily first, before anything else.  Agu was trying to blame it on the alcohol, but Kamani wasn’t hearing it. She reminded Agu that he’s a grown ass man, and “I was drunk” doesn’t cut it anymore. He took the ‘L’ as he should have and apologized. Kamani accepted it, but she told Agu that she still doesn’t trust him and he has a lot of work to do before she takes him seriously. There was a little tension in the house with Larry and Bianca as well. The two of them never really made up after the last episode, but they decided to be chill while everyone was at the pool. They were getting along great, until Bianca told Larry that they should get married. She even said that she’d marry him in Cabo and they can deal with their issues later.


Larry was speechless too. he thinks its crazy that Bianca can even bring up marriage when the two of them haven’t even sorted out their issues. Larry decided to talk about the situation with Agu, Malaku, Jermane, and Emily. Bianca walked in and heard him discussing their conversation and she wasn’t happy about it. Larry just feels like he was talking to his friends, and Bianca feels he should have come to her.

People are starting to say that Bianca is dramatic. Are they right?!

The show ended with the group going ATVing and everyone was getting along great and having fun. Bianca was on the back of Larry’s 4-wheeler, and Agu and Kamani had what looks like to be an exciting race. That was until Kamani went flying into the air. She landed some feet away from her ride and couldn’t move. They had to take her away in the stretcher, while wearing a neck brace!

Everyone was in tears, you even see Agu praying for her in the preview for the new episode. You can hear Kamani saying she’s in pain, while hearing her cry as the episode goes off. They were driving pretty fast, and she did fly far. We just hope she’s OK and that we can continue seeing her this season!


What did you think about this episode?! Is Bianca too much? Or is Larry insensitive?

And tell us what ya’ll think about Agu and Kamani?!



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