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Jamaican Me Crazy Love And Hip Hop Recap

Last week the Job and the rest of the men popped up on the ladies in Jamaica. Joe brought his intern, Treasure to make Karlie jealous. Karlie peeped, and didn’t care. All of a sudden Wake starts performing on stage and Tami is laughing her ass off like WTF is going on?! The icing o the cake was when Joc told Rasheeda to turn around and Kirk was sitting behind her at the bar. Rasheeda said goodnight, got right up, and left. That moment was soooo funny.

The next day after cooling off Rasheeda chose to give Kirk a few minutes of her time. She told him about the situation with Logan, and how he may be Cannons father. After all the baby does have his dads name, which is something Rasheeda shared with Kirk as well. Now Kirk has a plan to do the DNA test through his lawyers, so he doesn’t have to come into contact with Jasmine. Rasheeda said cool, then peaced out to go be with her friends, because that’s why she came to Jamaica in the first place.

Everyone attended this all white party and the ladies were really nice Kirk. With all the love in the air they appreciated him being there as well, even thought they hated his guts in that moment too. It was a cute message. Treasure, Roc’s assistant thought she’d say a little something as well. She wanted to speak up on behalf of all the side pieces and tell their side of the story. Rasheeda was over that foolishness and got up to leave. Tami and the rest of the ladies were trying to stop her then Jessica Dime got up and snatched girls wig off! That was the highlight!

Well,….. not really. The highlight was the men’s continual support throughout the show. They all went on a boat ride later and Dime’s man, Shawne Williams, who plays professional ball overseas, came onboard to surprise her! She was so happy to see him and her and Tami found out that Shawne and Waka are friends! Later that night Wake sets up a listening party, so everyone can hear Tami’s music. She sounds really good, and to end the night Shaun proposed to Dime! It was so beautiful!

Rasheeda said in a perfect world maybe her and Kirk can get back to a romantic place. Should Rasheeda continue the fight?


Whitney Marquise Acoff is a NYC entertainment writer, fashion editor, and stylist among having other creative talents as well.

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