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Jackie And Evelyn Are Officially At War

Evelyn can’t express enough, how through she is with Jackie. Ev thinks that Jackie is a messy liar.Once Jackie hears how Evelyn truly feels from San’Niyah, she decides that all bets are off. Evelyn threw a party to celebrate herself and her daughter Shanice, being on the cover of a magazine. Pictures from the spread were viewed throughout a gallery at the event. It was really nice, and Shaunie invited Jackie, so there wouldn’t be any unexpected static. The static still came though, but at least it was expected.

Shaunie addressed Evelyn about what she said to San’Niyah. Evelyn says that she stands by everything she’s said about Jackie. At this point Evelyn is stuck on the perception of Jackie that she has. While they argued at the event Jackie said that Evelyn always needs a moment, so that she can stay relevant. After that Jackie skipped away yelling, after telling Evelyn she’s a non muthaf-ckin factor.

Tami has to go to New York City, as her daughter Jazz’s “Momager” and she invited the girls to come along. Tami sat down with Jackie to invite her, but she also warned Jackie that Evelyn was coming too. She also kept it real and told Jackie that she probably won’t be getting that apology she’s been asking for either. In NYC the girls are having a great time. Evelyn came, because that’s her hood and her mom lives in the Bronx. She took Shaunie on her first subway ride, and it was a cute experience, but she wasn’t impressed.

When the ladies finally met up for dinner and drinks, Jackie came in ready to go. She addressed Evelyn quickly after saying hello to everyone. Evelyn was mad about the fact that Jackie called her a b-tch, in front of her daughter, at the magazine event. She told Jackie to let that be her first, and her last time doing that. Jackie brought up something about Shanice being a build-a-whore, and Evelyn had to leave. She went outside to calm her nerves, and ended up crying when Shaunie came to check on her. Evelyn was ready to take Jackie’s head off.

Thing is, Jackie had the same intentions for Evelyn. Jackie apologized to Evelyn, but Ev didn’t accept it, so Jackie got mad. That’s when Jackie said forget it and called Evelyn a non muthaf-ckin factor again. Evelyn kicked her shoes off and charged after Jackie. The cameras ain’t let us see what happened, but Jackie was hot. The two of them kept trying to get at each other. Evelyn said she was calling her goons to kick Jackie out her hotel.

Do ya’ll think Evelyn has that kind of pull?


Whitney Marquise Acoff is a NYC entertainment writer, fashion editor, and stylist among having other creative talents as well.

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