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Is Taraji P. Henson Leaving Empire?

Hey there! Here’s the latest news in the entertainment industry. Taraji P. Henson had an interview late last week where she discussed leaving the hit show Empire. Taraji says that the role she plays on the show has become emotionally draining. We all know her for the role of “Cookie” Lyons that she plays on Empire. Taraji spilled even more tea to say that, she’ll be gone once the show goes into syndication.

This means that Taraji could be long and gone by the time re-runs start airing on other networks. What’s going to happen to Cookie that could get her off the show? Will she die?

That’s probably too hard to tell right now. One things for sure is that she won’t be worried about it. Taraji has been busy lately. She stared in ‘Hidden Figures’, one of the topped ranked movies of the year. On top of that, she has a Golden Globe, and has been nominated for both an Emmy and an Oscar. She’s good.


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