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Invite Only Cabo Season Finale

Larry’s true boo finally shows up to the house on the season finale of Invite Only Cabo. It’s a man that he’s been seeing on and off and they’ve been working on their relationship for quite some time now. Larry has been in love with this man and has been waiting for him to say it back and truly commit to him. Everyone already knew Larry’s boo except for Jermane, who made it his business to fill him out. Jermane is very vocal and straightforward, so he didn’t hold back when it came to looking out for his friend.

Agu and Kamani have patched things up after Agu’s second slip up with Emily in the backseat of the van. You could really tell Emily is jealous of Kamani, as she let her true colors come out. She got drunk as they were having fun at a bar and spent the whole night complaining about Kamani. She shared another car ride with Agu, but he kept his distance in the front seat. Jermane and Malaku joined them. Emily started accusing Kamani of using AGu to take care of her kids and Agu went off. He finally set Emily straight about her jealousy and the fact that she never owns up to her shit.

Larry lost his mind when everyone got back and told him about the drama with Agu and Emily. The crew felt bad and decided to do something nice for him. Before they threw a thank you party for Larry, Kamani had a talk with Emily. Agu shared what was said about her that night in the van. Of course Kamani wasn’t happy, because now her kids are involved. She told Emily that shit wasn’t cool and of course Emily said her famous line this season “I don’t remember that” but Emily also admitted that she needs to do better as a person and change her life around. She apologized to Kamani and they moved on.

Larry was happy and pleased with his thank you dinner and party. He also admitted that he would take another vacation with the same group all over again, and they all agreed to that as well.

Would you watch another season of Invite Only Cabo with the same group?


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