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Invite Only Cabo Episode 2 Recap!

Has anyone else been watching Invite Only Cabo yet?! This little situation that celebrity stylist Larry Sims has set up, is definitely filled with a lot of tea and we’re only on episode two. So far the group has meet each other. Larry seems to have a pretty chill group of friends that he chooses to hang with. They’re also very different, which is why we see he’s never brung them all together before. Personalities are definitely clashing and people are wondering how they’re even friends with the same person and some of these people.

Episode two is filled with a little bedroom scandal when we see Agu get all cuddled up in the bed with Emily who has a boyfriend waiting for her at home. The trouble in the house is that Agu has been pushing up on Kamani and has been planning to take her out on a date. Well, when Malaku and Jermane tell Kamani about Agu and Beth’s love affair the night before. She definitely believed it, because Emily is her roommate and she ain’t sleep in her bed last night!

We can’t wait to see what episode three is all about! What do you think about Larry’s friends trip and their situation?!

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