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Inmate Mistakenly Released From Jail Lives Upstanding Life And Wins His Freedom Back

OK ya’ll, it’s not often that you hear a story like this, but this is  just too juicy not to share. Rene Lima-Marin is an ex-convict who was accidentally released from jail back in 2008. The authorities didn’t realize this until 2014! That’s when they got a hold of him and sent him back to jail. Marin was out of jail for 6 whole years before anybody ever noticed. During that time this man got himself a job, got married, bought a house, and had two kids!

This dude wasn’t playing!

A former prosecutor looked him up and noticed that he wasn’t physically at his place of holding. They found Marin at 11pm that same day and arrested him in his home in front of his wife and children. He was arrested the first time back in 2000 for a few robberies. He was also charged with gun possession, but never used any of them. Marin was initially sentenced to 98 years in jail! 98! Mean while there’s people killing kids and walking away free, but anyways.

A judge realized the situation and decided to release Marin immediately. This decision was made due to his changed lifestyle. It’s extremely rare to see someone turn around in such a positive way for so long. Plus, that jail sentence was ridiculous. Marin said he had a second chance at life and he was taking it!

We don’t blame him!

What do ya’ll think?! Should have gone back to jail and stayed?! Or is the judge right for letting him out?!

Tell us what you think! And let us know who you’d like to see Jules interview next!


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